It’s not a pair of shoes you’re buying…

What kind of sales people have you come across? The guy who barely lifted his eye from the newspaper to acknowledge your presence? The overbearing ‘qualifier’ charged with determining if you are worthy of a sales consultants attention? We’ve all had a good and bad sales experience.

Sales people, as the name suggests are employed to make sales. But let’s face it, this isn’t a pair of shoes you’re buying, we’ll be working with you for months and in some cases, even longer.

We’ve been in the business of sales for over 35 years and recognise the importance of having an expert to guide you through the process as there’s no doubt you’ll have lots of questions for them!

Most of our sales consultants have experience in building their own homes or investment properties. As a result of this, our staff are fully equipped to understand what you’re looking for in a home and can give you the best possible option and the best way forward to build your new home.

Our sales staff are trained to qualify exactly what kind of customer you might be and won’t trap you in a corner if you’re not interested in what we have to offer. It’s simple really, our staff are trained to sell you exactly what you want, based on your requirements.

We have a large range of floor plan options to suit all different types of buyers. If you talk to one of our sales consultants, they will advise on the best design to suit your lifestyle. No secrets or ‘bull’ about it. We want to sell you a house, not the hype.