What’s your most important room in the house?

Well, according 83 per cent of new home buyers, it’s the kitchen/living/dining area…

Allworth Homes has recently conducted a survey with new home buyers to gauge their thoughts on building a new home, but mainly, to see what they look for in a builder and display homes. A whopping big number (83%) believe that the most important room of the house is the open plan kitchen/living/dining area, followed by the alfresco (15%). This justifies the trend that more people are now entertaining at home. Blame it on the ‘My Kitchen Rules’ or ‘Masterchef’ craze, everyone now wants a gourmet kitchen to whip up a storm for their guests!

The Separate media/lounge room came in at 3 per cent, then the bedroom at 2 per cent. All these rooms are obviously ‘important’ to new home buyers, however we only surveyed based on each respondents top results.

As Allworth is constantly evolving homes to suit lifestyle and living trends, these results make it clear that the heart of the home is something that a buyer really wants to be proud about. It’s an area that they can show off! And rightly so! It’s something that we also want to be proud about, which is why we will always evolve as our customers evolve.

About the survey

The Allworth Homes Customer Survey was conducted between the months of April – August 2014. Respondents were surveyed face to face in a number of Allworth Home’s display villages. The total number of respondents were 115, these people were a range of first home buyers, downsizers, upsizers and investors. This survey will continue to grow throughout the year and will be reported on a 6 monthly basis. Questions from the survey will also change in nature for the next report.