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Is your house getting too small, or maybe a bit outdated – but you love the area?
What are your choices?

It’s a common problem facing growing families, what to do when they outgrow their home. If you choose to move, you will be faced with all those associated costs such as stamp duty, solicitor’s fees and moving expenses. You could renovate by adding bedrooms, living spaces and changing kitchen and bathrooms to meet current trends but this can get costly. At times renovating seems the best bet rather than building an entire home from scratch, but is it?

Why not consider just knocking the whole place down and build a completely new Allworth Home on your existing site? You already have a great block of land and you love your community so it’s worth considering.

Re-building on your existing property could be beneficial in the long run, financially and logistically. It’s short term pain, for long term gain.

To know more about how Allworth Homes can assist with your Knock Down Rebuild, simply fill out the form below and one of our specialists will be in contact as soon as possible.

video link for Knock Down Rebuild with Allworth Homes