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Ready To Live

Ready To Live Packages

Taking the guesswork out of shopping for a new home.

When building a new home, budget is generally the ultimate factor in the decision making process. Here at Allworth Homes, our new Ready To Live pricing makes it easy for potential customers to quickly do the sums on a house and land, to compare with the many house packages out there.

Traditionally in the NSW market, builders advertise a ‘basic price’ for the home only. This price does not include a lot of items required to see the home complete. Site costs, BASIX (relating to energy efficiency), Council requirements costs, and more, have to be added to get a true price.

Our Ready To Live pricing structure incorporates all these. It’s essentially an ‘all up’ price, taking the guesswork out of shopping for a new home.

We have been pricing homes on various sites for so long we feel confident in promoting a ‘Ready To Live’ price that will be very close to the final quotation. There are some conditions relating to lot size, services and site fall but in the majority of cases, our Ready To Live price should be spot on.

Every Allworth display home has the Ready To Live price. That façade, kitchen, those bathrooms – all as you see them are included. Plus, we’ve included ducted reverse cycle air conditioning!

'Ready To Live' logo
Look out for the orange ‘Ready To Live’ logo and prices at our new home display centres and contact us with any more information or questions! We would love to build a new home on your land.