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2015 – The year of Allworth

2015 is shaping up to be a rather exciting year for Allworth Homes.

Not only will we be building more fantastic brand new homes for our clients in 2015, we will be launching some brand new designs and display villages!

The key driver for change at Allworth Homes is the feedback we receive from clients. We like to stay on trend with your needs and wants so we are best placed to give what the majority require for their brand new home.

This blog looks at a few highlights for 2015. We will continue to expand on the exciting news throughout the year.

Transparency in pricing structure

While responding to feedback is most important here at Allworth, maintaining competitive and affordable pricing is also crucial to our success. Consumers are demanding a more seamless path to purchase, more value for money and more transparency on price for big ticket items and life investments. In response to this, Allworth Homes packaged up each of the homes on display as an ‘all-up’ price and launched the ‘Imagine this home on your land’ campaign. This campaign was to eliminate the blurred lines, unwanted surprises and confusion when building a home. It was one of our biggest developments of 2014.

We will continue to drive this pricing technique in 2015 as more and more visitors to our display centres want to know how much a particular home would cost to build on their block of land. They want to know if the house that they can see and touch will fit within their budget.

Opening of new display villages

We have three brand new villages due to be constructed and opened in 2015.

First off the rank is our Willowdale village in South West Sydney. We will be launching two brand new designs. We are very excited to share some photos and floor plans in the very near future. We will have two homes on display at Willowdale.

Also in the South West, we will be opening a new display in Oran Park Town. The developer is ramping up land supply as the estate becomes more and more established. There is great opportunity for us and we are looking forward to seeing the work that comes out of that office. We will have two homes on display here and should officially open towards the end of 2015.

In the Hunter, Homeworld II is in our sites as well! We will be closing the old village and replacing with brand new designs. We will have four homes on display and is set to open by September.

We also have vacant lots at our displays at Woongarrah and Shell Cove. A new design will commence construction at Woongarrah soon! More details to be shared on what will be happening at these other sites, throughout the year.

New designs

With new market trends, comes new designs! Our 2015 designs will reflect how developers are sub-dividing and designing new estates. Lot sizes will be smaller and land widths will decrease. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fully featured home with some clever design input! In some cases, we will display upmarket facades and finishes in smaller designs as people shift away from big floor areas but have a budget to suit. We are seeing more and more people wanting to spend those dollars on aesthetic features rather than space.

We will have more details to share on our brand new designs in the near future!

What a big year 2015 will be and this is only the beginning.

Most of all, we look forward to meeting some new customers and handing over some homes in 2015.