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Allworth Homes. Look out for your mates campaign.
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Look Out For Your Mates campaign

Safety is serious to Allworth Homes. That’s why we’ve started the Look Out For Your Mates campaign.

This blog post doesn’t focus on sales or building trends or even tips on your new house build. We wanted to share a really important campaign we have been working on with our trades because safety is really important to us. You may have seen some of our trades sporting their new t-shirts with a bright ‘Look Out For Your Mates’ logo! Here’s the reasoning behind it.

Unfortunately, incidents and accidents can happen from time to time. While Allworth Homes has a pretty clean rap sheet of incidents, it’s important to still be realistic and always cautious of accidents happening.

Our goal is to provide safe working sites as much as it is to sell homes. In 2014 we developed a safety awareness campaign as a strong reminder about safety to all of our construction and trade workers. This is released monthly and targets a range of specific issues focused around risks and safety hazards faced on site every day. Some of our recent newsletters are focused on ‘working at heights’, ‘sun safety’ and ‘electrical hazards’.

Our ‘Look Out For Your Mates’ message has been designed to convey ownership of the responsibility for site safety to each and every individual on site.

The goal of this campaign is to put site safety in the front of workers minds to prevent them and others on site being injured. The mountains of paperwork based around safety is also majorly important, however, safety is more about being practical and aware of what’s going on around you.

Along with the newsletters, we’ve also created a logo and branded t-shirts to convey that we are serious about this message. There’s nothing better than knowing you’re going to work on a safe site and at the end of the day, will be coming home again!