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What are the Luxe Layout Options?

We understand the importance of having a well-designed home that caters to the needs of different families. We have developed five distinct kitchen layout options, two bathroom layout options and four ensuite layout options to meet this need. Each with a unique style and ample space to suit various family requirements. In addition, four kitchen layout options and two bathroom layout options are available for viewing in different display homes. We are excited to help you create your new Allworth Home to suit your style.

Our team at Allworth understands that every family has unique needs and preferences for their new home. Therefore, we are thrilled to offer you Luxe Layout Options to help you customize your new home. These options are available for most of our single-story homes, and we encourage you to speak with one of our New Home Sales Consultants to determine if they are suitable for your new home. We aim to make the home-building process seamless and stress-free so you can enjoy your new home without hassle.

Where can I view the options on display?

You can view some of these kitchen options at HomeWorld Leppington and HomeWorld Thornton. For more details visit our Display Locations page.

What is included in the Luxe Layout Options?

For a simple explanation of what inclusions come with the Luxe Layout Options, whatever option you select for your new home, the layouts will include the layouts (and cabinetry layouts for kitchen only) as shown on this page. We named our Luxe Layout Options to highlight the various layout options available.

How much are the Luxe Layout Options?

Each option has an individual price that will reflect the layout for each choice. Each image shown below will showcase each individual layout for you to consider.

Are the Luxe Layout Options available for all designs?

The Luxe Layout Options are available for most single-storey designs. Our friendly New Home Sales Consultants will gladly help you further if you need clarification. To view our single-storey design range, Click here.

Something to Aspire to

We want you to get excited about building with us. So with that in mind, we’ve taken it further with our Aspire Options. These options give you even more items to choose from. So you can enjoy more choices when selecting the options that you want.

We want you to have your home built your way and to suit your lifestyle. So talk to us today about our Luxe Layout Options!

Check out the Allworth Aspire Options?