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Upcoming BASIX changes, what you need to know in a helpful guide

If you plan to build a new home in NSW, you should know that the Building and Sustainability Index (BASIX) changes are coming soon. These changes will take effect from October 1, 2023. So, to help you prepare, we’ve compiled some information to help explain what these changes will mean for your new build.

What is BASIX?

The Building and sustainability index (BASIX) is a web-based planning tool that assesses the sustainability of new residential developments in NSW. When lodged, all Development Applications (DA) and Complying Development Certificates (CDC) must have a valid BASIX certificate.

What are the upcoming changes to BASIX?

As part of Australia’s commitment to net zero emissions by 2050, the NSW Government introduced the “State Environmental Planning Policy (Sustainable Buildings) 2022”, also known as the Sustainable Buildings SEPP. This new policy will result in meeting more detailed requirements to obtain a BASIX certificate, specifically regarding energy efficiency and thermal comfort.

These changes will include, but are not limited to:

  • R2.5 External wall insulation & R6.0 Ceiling insulation
  • Upgraded window/door glazing – Low E or double glazing (thermal break)
  • 3.33Kw Photovoltaic solar system to roof 

When will these changes take effect?

These changes will take place on October 1 2023. Any DA (Development Application) / CDC (Complying Development Certificate) job lodged on or after this date will be subject to the new standards.

An important note to consider

As we approach this date, an influx of applications may be submitted to your local council and may result in possible delays with your application beyond our control. We aim to assist you in managing your expectations throughout the approval process to the best of our ability.

Why have these changes been implemented?

According to the Department of Planning and Environment Sustainable Buildings SEPP Overview, August 2022 Part B.1, “All new homes and renovations over $50,000 must meet the BASIX sustainability standards. These standards are for energy and water use and thermal performance of the home.”

The NSW Government is bringing BASIX thermal performance and energy standards in line with proposed changes to the National Construction Code as much as possible. They have implemented these changes to help drive NSW towards the NetZero Plan, which aims to have all new and existing buildings in NSW operating at net zero before 2050.

What will the new requirements cost?

Some builders in NSW have suggested a 3-6% increase in contract value, with the price ranging from $25,000 – $45,000 per contract.

Many factors will contribute to these new requirements and their increase in your budget — for instance, the size of your home, the location of your home (climate zone locality), the number of windows and the glazing type required. These upgraded glazing types have yet to reach a mass-production level for the residential sector.

How can we help?

Our team at Allworth Homes have taken a proactive approach to meet these new requirements by including a preliminary allowance in all current tender quotations. This allowance will vary depending on the type of home: $30,000 for an average single-storey home and $40,000 for double-storey or larger single-storey homes in the Countryside/Acreage range.

When our team obtains the new BASIX certificate for your home, we will revisit the pricing, and if we can, we will adjust the pricing to suit your requirements.

What are the benefits for you?

Meeting the new BASIX requirements will result in cheaper ongoing energy bills for your new home, offering you more comfort within your home and lower overall carbon emissions.

Need more information?

Our team is here to help you. As these changes take effect within NSW, we are working behind the scenes to ensure your family home meets these new standards. Talk to our New Home Consultants today if you have any questions about these upcoming changes. To find your nearest Allworth Homes display location, click here.