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Waste management on Allworth Homes sites

Waste minimisation is important to us in more ways than one. Waste is obviously bad for the environment and business. To this end, we work to achieve the absolute minimum by simply ordering accurate quantities of materials. Sounds easy! Our estimators work with the …construction team to produce orders for supply that see the least amount of leftovers possible. A lot of time and effort goes into this seemingly simple step.

‘Off cuts’ are of course unavoidable. Good news is we are recycling most to avoid tipping them into landfill. On site, rubbish retention is an issue too – particularly when it’s windy like right now!
Pens designed to keep rubbish in check are on site and trades are directed to fill them.

A couple of points to raise on bricks. They come in varying pack sizes that cannot be split. This sometimes means we may have to order say 8,500 when we only needed 8,100. When you build with us, you only pay for the bricks laid. If some of that 400 are over, and we don’t require them elsewhere (rare), you are welcome to them and we’ll normally stack them aside out of the way.

We have a site clean twice minimum during construction as space is at a premium and rubbish can present a hazard for trades working on site. As mentioned we recycle most of this rubbish, plasterboard specifically and the rest via waste station recycling programs.

If you’ve been to the tip lately you’ll know it’s expensive business and the mountains of waste are almost disturbing. Rest assured when you build an Allworth home, you’ll have contributed to the problem in the smallest possible way.