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Allworth Homes announces the opening of its new display centre at Thornton

Allworth Homes has today announced the opening of its new display centre at Thornton (Maitland) in the Hunter region. The new display village is set to drive great success as the Hunter region sees a resurgence in new home sales with buyers gaining confidence in the local economy. We also hope that our fresh new designs will create renewed interest in ‘fence sitter’ buyers and drive them to look at building new rather than buying an existing home.

The Newport Design

A number of buyers in the region are seeking the ‘small farm’ lifestyle. Generally this means that acreage land lots are gaining in popularity as people choose to move further out from the CBD and suburban areas. We have designed a new acreage style home to cater for this market. Stephen Thompson, Managing Director of Allworth Homes said, “Our Newport design will make a fresh entrance into the market with the launch of our Thornton village. We expect many people will be finding their perfect tree change lifestyle in the Hunter. Newport will be a popular design for that.”

“We have never had a design like this on the North Coast in our many years of trading. We’ve spent a considerable amount of time researching different customer needs and developer guidelines. We ensured we were carefully crafting the right acreage design for the area” Stephen said. Not only is the Newport suited to acreage lots, it’s also a great option for corner blocks of land where the frontage is wider.

The Carlisle Design

Allworth Homes will have three other designs on display at Thornton, with two of them being tried and tested successes in other NSW build areas. Our Carlisle design is one of the best sellers in our portfolio and is also on display at Shell Cove (South Coast). Along with our sales strategy in the Hunter region, tailoring designs suited to the market, it was an easy choice to display the Carlisle model. Stephen Thompson said, “We have a wealth of different buyers interested in the Carlisle design. Many of which are up-sizers and multigenerational families. The design has the capacity to house many different scenarios. We have also noted interest in Carlisle in the Hunter region, even with it not being on display. It just made sense to strategically place this design in the market.

The Trenton Design

“The Trenton is also on display at Thornton. It’s a relatively new design too, evolved from a long line of successful models.The pricing fits in a range to cover all budgets. We like to describe the Trenton as luxury living without the price-tag.”

The Hampton Design

Lastly, the fourth home is the Hampton. Its another brand new design making a fresh entrance into the market. The design is narrow lot suited, keenly priced and we suspect will be a huge hit for first home buyers. With new designs comes fresh new facades. We constantly keeping our eyes and ears open, listening to customers desires when it comes to aesthetics. Our designs at Thornton are all on-trend and incorporate many different design elements and building materials. Facades have a mix of face brick, render, different cladding materials like feature cedar on the Trenton. We also have some glazed bricks on the Carlisle which adds a bit of ‘glam’ and street appeal.

Option to Knock-Down and Rebuild

Stephen Thompson said, “Another factor we needed to consider was the rise of knock-down rebuilds in the region. In established areas, it is inevitable that people will be knocking down old homes and building new. It makes sense for them to live in the same area. They already have a great block of land, why not utilise it? Re-building on existing property is beneficial in the long run, financially and logistically. Short term pain, for long term gain.” All four of our Thornton designs are suitable for knock-down rebuild projects. “We are particularly proud of the designs and early feedback from the trades building them (normally our harshest critics) is very positive. We’re aiming to show that you can have it all on a modern size lot.”

In terms of the specifications included in the homes, we are finding that people are willing to spend more these days. So our designs are our Avante range. This means that the homes have already been upgraded to the very best products our suppliers offer. We will continue to promote our ‘Ready To Live’ all-up pricing strategy with our display centre at Thornton. This allows prospective clients quickly do the sums on a complete new home and easily factoring in the land cost. We know that with a little time and leg work, people sourcing their own land can save tens of thousands compared to a traditional package. Our aim is to make the process as simple as possible.

Take a virtual tour of the homes that are shown at our display centre at Thornton or call us on 1300 769 988 today.