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Why savvy home builders still choose timber frames over steel frames

Allworth Homes. Timber vs Steel Frame

Timber Vs Steel Frame?

At Allworth Homes we build all our houses with timber frames. So its not surprising that we are passionate about timber. Timber remains the most common method for framing a house in Australia and we believe that timber continues to be the best choice for your new home. Here we explain why.


Both timber and steel have their own set of challenges which require building expertise. We are experts at constructing timber-framed houses and always complete our frames with the superior craftsmanship that you would expect from a firm that’s been doing it for over 35 years.

Timber has a high structural efficiency, is extremely versatile and has a wide variety of important uses. As opposed to the relative rigidity of steel, timber frames are more flexible and are more resistant to the trauma of extreme weather conditions. They also deal with temperature changes better than steel, with less creaking accompanying your night sleep.

It is also important to note that all of the experts involved in the building of your home; architects, councils, various trades people, and of course us, the builders, are very familiar with using timber, as it is the most popular building material. This makes for a smoother and faster process in getting your home built. Also, as timber frames can be easily modified on site, they provide increased flexibility and greater control during the construction process.


Our timber frames are fully treated to guard against termite infestation. Whichever material frame is constructed from, termites can still invade your home and attack the wooden parts, so you will always need a termite protection system. Barriers are needed for both wood and steel and you will always need to inspect your home for termites from time to time. Any infestation will be the result of a lack of an effective termite management system. Timber used in Allworth timber frame constructions are specially treated with preservative that creates a chemical barrier against termites.

Other cool stuff about timber

Timber is a natural insulator, and the design of a timber frame is efficient, minimising temperature transfer between the inside and outside of your home. It will be warmer in the winter months, thus saving on energy bills, and cooler in the summer.   Also, although timber is flammable, it is not combustible, meaning that it requires a high temperature to get burning. Large dimension timber will char, so it actually gives some protection against burning, and its performance in a fire is very predictable.

Environmentally friendly

Timber is a natural building material, born of solar power. At first sight it may seem more unsustainable than steel, being converted from living trees, but timber is milled from renewable plantations all over Australia. With correct management, timber plantations have a 25-year life cycle and therefore can produce an endless supply. Also, the trees draw in carbon from the atmosphere, which is needed to reduce the threat from global warming. A plantation will absorb nearly 1.5 tons of carbon for every ton of timber produced, as well as pumping-out oxygen into the air, whereas the production of steel actually puts carbon into the atmosphere.

The future of timber

You may be interested to hear that the 21st century is being touted as the ‘timber age’ by many in the global construction industry. Advances in wood engineering, and the use of hybrid structures, mean that architects can design taller buildings in wood, with the advantages of speed of construction, quality and aesthetics. In fact, Melbourne can boast of the world’s tallest timber building. Made of Cross Laminated Timber (CLP), its Forte Tower is over 10 storeys high!

Making the right choice for your Sydney home build

So, timber is a great choice for your build! Whether you opt for timber or steel, ensure that you employ the best experts for the job. In choosing Allworth for your build you will have the benefit of 35 years of master builder experience, and a superb reputation for superior quality workmanship, materials, and service.  Allworth Homes is an experienced and trusted Sydney area home builder, with display homes you can visit in Chisholm, Shell Cove, Penrith, Kellyville, Oran Park, and many other nearby Sydney locations. Please visit our Contact page with any questions about timber frame homes, or get in touch with our Sydney home builder team.