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What to Look For in a Display Home

Allworth Homes - What to look for in a display home

Allworth Homes recently conducted a customer survey from those looking to build a new home, which revealed that most people believe the number one factor in researching a new home is build quality.

The survey was conducted with 115 people across NSW at different Allworth Homes display centres. We asked them questions to gather their thoughts and opinions on the building industry as a whole, what they look for in a new home and their perceptions of Allworth Homes as a company.

For the particular question of ‘What do you look for when walking through display homes’, here are the full results:

  • Build quality – 31%
  • Design – 19%
  • Price – 12%
  • Entertaining space – 9%
  • Inclusions – 5%
  • All of the above – 24%

This is a clear indication that above all, the quality of the finished product is more important than the price. You don’t just want your house built, you want it well built. We always advise customers to look for quality finishes, specification and attention to detail when visiting all display homes. Houses are a huge investment and sometimes cutting corners just for the price could be a big risk or disappointment for that investment.

We are also always drumming into our customers that it’s important to look past all the fancy interior design elements. Don’t be fooled by the sizzle, it’s the steak you’re after.

You have to really picture yourself living in the home. It’s crucial that you spend some time in the homes that really stand out to you to get a feel for all the spaces. Make a short list on homes you like. What design is practical for your lifestyle? Does the house deliver on all your needs? Also, consider the furniture you already have and if it will fit into the spaces of this particular home.

More advice we could give you is to make sure you consider all options carefully, the floor plan is paramount to the traffic and flow of the house. Get the sales consultant to personally walk you through what you should expect. Most home builders will have variations of the same design that could suit you better.

For a full list of our display villages visit our website or contact us for more details.

About the survey

The Allworth Homes Customer Survey was conducted between the months of April – August 2014. Respondents were surveyed face to face in a number of Allworth Home’s display villages. The total number of respondents were 115 and these people were a range of first home buyers, downsizers, upsizers and investors.