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New Homes Pricing Model at Allworth gives Customers Value

Allworth Homes makes changes to pricing model to eliminate ‘price shock’ when shopping for a new home

Consumers are demanding a more seamless path to purchase, more value for money and more transparency on price for big ticket items and life investments. In response to this, Allworth Homes has introduced a new homes pricing model, which means  ‘all up’ pricing on display home models. This eliminates the blurred lines, unwanted surprises and confusion when building a home. The ready-to-live pricing helps new home buyers when budgeting and knowing what they can afford.

Allworth Homes specialises in residential project home building in NSW. The company builds for people looking to build in new development areas or to knock-down an existing home and re-build on their land. Allworth Homes has 30 display homes across regional and metropolitan NSW.

Stephen Thompson, Managing Director at Allworth Homes said, “More and more visitors to our display centres want to know how much a particular home would cost to build on their block of land – a ballpark figure on the home complete. They want to know if the house that they can see and touch will fit within their budget. Many builders’ hedge around estimates on price and inclusions, leading people to be confused, maybe even turning people off the idea of building a new home.”

“We have identified this frustration and will now provide package pricing on all our display models. Together with our competitive basic pricing and inclusion levels, we are striving to have the sharpest pricing in the market.”

Allworth’s Ready to Live Pricing

Traditionally in the NSW market, builders advertise a ‘basic price’ for the home only. This price does not include a lot of items required to see the home complete. Site costs, BASIX (relating to energy efficiency), Council requirements costs, and more, have to be added to get an all up price.

Allworth Homes have been one of the few players in the market for many years promoting a ‘model displayed basic price’, with all the inclusions shown in the display home as you see it. This move takes it one further with not only the site costs, BASIX, etc. included but also carpet and tile, concrete driveway as well – a true all up price.

Stephen Thompson said, “We have been pricing homes on various sites for so long we feel confident in promoting an all up price that will be very close to the final quotation. There are some conditions relating to lot size, services and site fall but in the majority of cases, our all up price should be spot on.”