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How to use mobile storage to move house stress-free

Allworth Homes. How to use mobile storage to move house stress-free

By TAXIBOX – Self Storage delivered to you. 

So you’re moving house? Get ready for tears and tantrums! You may have heard this classic advice the last time you told a friend you were moving. While it may be an exaggeration, one thing is certain, the moving process always takes longer than you expect. As a mobile storage company that’s helped thousands of Australians move, we’ve seen it happen many times before.

Mobile storage is a new way to move house. Instead of paying a removalist by the hour and racing against the clock to stock a truck, mobile storage companies deliver a storage unit to your driveway. You then fill the unit at your own pace, and when you’re ready a truck will pick up the unit and transport it to a secure storage facility. The unit is re-delivered to your new house whenever it suits, whether it’s the same day or in several months time. You can find more info about mobile storage on our website.

Like all forms of moving and storage, there are plenty of insider tips you can take advantage of to keep your sanity and your relationships in tact throughout the process. Here’s what we’ve learned from our time in the industry so far:

Tips for Moving House

DO Get up early on the day you pack. Packing is the slowest part of the whole process, but if you’re organised your day will be over before you know it.

DO Bribe your friends to help out. Beer or a home-cooked meal is the perfect way to say thanks.

DO Hire a moving trolley to save your back. Back pain is not fun at all.

DO Buy more boxes and bubble wrap than you reckon you’ll need. If you’re moving items loose and in bags you’re asking for trouble!

DON’T Wrap your annoying housemate’s phone in 5 rolls of cling wrap! It may be hilarious but save it for after the move.

DO Drain and defrost your white goods before moving day. It’s also a great idea to use a moisture trap like Dampsorb to prevent your fridge/freezer from sealing shut.

DON’T Place a bowl of breakfast cereal in a set of drawers (one of our clients did!). Check your drawers and cupboards properly before loading them up.

DO Pack your largest and heaviest items first, adding only lighter/smaller items on top. Maximise the space of your storage unit by packing the floor tightly. A game of Tetris when you load saves a game of Jenga when you unpack.

DON’T Put your passport in storage by mistake. We’ve had plenty of customers contact us before they leave on a big trip, frantically trying to locate their passport.

DO Write down an inventory of every item you’re storing or moving. If you accidentally pack your passport (or cereal) this will hugely reduce the amount of rummaging and searching later on.

DO Book your mobile storage unit at least a week ahead if possible. Mobile storage is still pretty new (1 in 5 people surveyed by Taxibox had never heard of it, see the results in our infographic). Our delivery spots are often booked out by the time the weekend arrives, especially if it’s a public holiday.