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Money tips for furnishing your new home

By Bessie Hassan, Money Expert at financial comparison site,

When people start planning for a new home renovation or furnishment of a recently bought property, what doesn’t always come first to mind is cost. But when it does slowly register how potentially expensive the process can be, usually it can be both shocking and confronting. But, furnishing a new home doesn’t necessarily have to be as costly as it might initially seem. In fact, there are many home furnishing hacks that can make the process far cheaper than you might think.

1. Choose quality over quantity

Chances are that you’re better off spending a few extra dollars on one high quality piece of furniture than buying lots of things of a lower standard that will probably end up breaking sooner and needing replacing. Instead, think carefully about where your money is going before you throw it all into something cheap. Spending a little extra now on something better quality will ensure that it lasts much longer. Not only that, but it probably looks better too.

2. Avoid trends

Just like with fashion, certain home trends can go in and out of style. When looking at decorating, try to steer yourself as far away from the fads as possible. Picking classier, more refined or simple options will remove yourself from the possibility of spending extra on furniture or decorations that you’ll end up having to replace later. Instead, think about timeless pieces or a theme that you know won’t cost you extra money down the track.

3. Wait until the sales

Often there are some really great things that can drop price overnight if the season shifts or if there is a clearance. Especially after a major holiday like Christmas, you’ll find most things are cheaper than if you were to buy them in peak period. It’s not the ideal tactic for everyone as it does involve waiting. But your wallet will definitely end up thanking you for it when you have more savings for later!

4. DIY where you can

Doing things yourself means that you save yourself any unwanted extra costs that would occur if you hired someone else to do it for you. If you have the capacity and the time, it’s a good idea to consider taking control, not only to save money, but to ensure you end up with the results you want. But you might need to consider approaching it as a project. Or you can break it down room by room so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

5. Make sure you aren’t paying too much

This might sound self-explanatory, but it actually refers to the background to your spending. That is; your credit card. If you think you’re paying too much interest back on your purchases, think about switching credit cards to something with a better rate for your situation. Or alternatively, try not to use your credit card as much as possible. It will just rack up extra funds that are often avoidable.

6. Start online & bargain hunt

Comparing prices online before you start is always a wise move. There are plenty of places that have the same items in similar styles. If you know you love a certain style, you can always approach a different store and see if they have the same thing for a cheaper price. More often than not, there will be something very similar and you’ll be able to compare the two. Also, if you aren’t too pressured by time, you can visit antique or op shops. They may not be particularly local but are definitely a great source of lower prices for high quality furniture.

Furnishing a new home doesn’t have to be as difficult or as scary (or as expensive!) as it sounds. In fact, with just a few simple changes to your mindset, you can set yourself up for an easy new home makeover, with as little hassle and stress as possible. Enjoy!