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It is raining again – why can’t work go on when there is rain on the building site?

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In most cases, rain on the building site can cause work on your site to stop. And this is mostly related to homes before lock up stage.

We want you to understand why building comes to a stop when there is rain on the building site.

Due to Work Health and Safety regulations, it is unsafe for our staff and  contractors to carry out works onsite during wet weather. So, we’ve listed some reasons below:

Reasons why works can’t be carried out on site during wet weather?
1. Work sites become slippery when wet. This creates a high risk of  injury
2. Workers are at an extreme high risk when using scaffolding equipment
3. It is unsafe to use electrical equipment
4. Working in the rain causes sickness
5. Some jobs just can’t be done in the rain – excavation, concreting, bricklaying, roofing…

Some work can’t proceed in extreme wind. This increases risk of falls or slipping and is unstable in these conditions. Metal roof fixing is particularly dangerous in winds.

What does this mean for me?
As clients, you might wonder why your home is at a stand-still during this time. Patience is key. We are committed to finishing your home in a timely fashion. We track rain days for each client.

What happens when the weather clears?
We will return to jobs in the order of oldest first. It is normal for works to start a couple of days after the weather clears. And as we are progressing through our job list if your site is particularly wet, we will wait for it to dry.

Extended periods of rain on building site aren’t great for building homes but they are for all sorts of other people and businesses.

Most things we can control when it comes to building homes, the weather is one thing we can’t. We just have to wait it out just like our clients do. If you have any questions contact us.