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The SIMPLE process of a knock-down rebuild

Knock down rebuild

So you’ve decided you’d like to knock-down rebuild your old home into a new one? Or perhaps it’s something you’re still considering? No matter where you’re at in the buying process, it’s really handy to know exactly what the process is.

Below is a helpful guide as to the general process of a knock-down rebuild.

1. Choose a demolition contractor

So you’ve done your research on what new home you’d like to build? Now it’s time to carefully choose your demolisher. Call around a few companies that demolish in your council area. Make sure you ask plenty of questions about their process, cost and timeframes. You have to feel as every bit comfortable with your demolisher as you are with your home builder.

Once you’re happy with the quote (and the contractor) and before you can sign the building agreement (contract), you’ll need to get approval to demolish your old home. This is an application that can be submitted to your local Council directly. You can access these applications from the Council themselves or via a Private Certifier who can prepare an application and notify Council on your behalf. Most demolition contractors will offer this service – or you can do it yourself.

2. Applying for the demolition approval

There are many crucial bits of information that needs to be provided when you’re applying for demolition approval. Read over it carefully and be sure to ask any questions to either Allworth Homes or your contracted demolisher.  Other important points to know about are below.

– You’ll need to include a demolition plan, outlining the building(s) that are to be demolished and noting the services to the home that needs to be disconnected. Allworth Homes can supply a copy of the site survey for this purpose.

– Provide proof of ownership of the land. If you’ve lived there a while, your local council will have you recorded as the owner. If you have recently purchased the property, a settlement letter from your solicitor or conveyancer will be appropriate.

– Get a Section 149 Certificate. This is available over the counter at Council which indicates the ‘zoning’ your property is in.

– Prepare a waste management plan. This should include proposed methods of disposal of materials. If you’re unsure of what to include in this, perhaps a quick call to the council on what methods are available to hire etc.

– You also must provide the insurance details for the licensed contractor who is carrying out the demolition works.

3. A date with your demolisher

At this stage, you’re now ready to book a date with your demolisher! When you’ve done this, you’ll need to advise us of the estimated completion date. Then we will put your new home build contracts together and book an appointment for you to come and sign them.

Also, at this stage, it’s crucially important that you have moved out of your current residence into your pre-arranged temporary accommodation. This is when the action really starts happening and progress can start on the build of your brand new home!

Before Allworth Homes can commence the build, we’ll need to inspect the site after demolition. We will need a clearance certificate from the demolisher stating the site is free of contaminated material before we can start. Your contract build time will start when we have checked that the site is cleared and safe to work on.

Exciting times ahead now.

A few notes about services (power and water)

Most of the power authorities require 3-4 weeks’ notice to disconnect. Often the existing water meter will be in the wrong spot for the new home. Be sure your demolisher disconnects the water service back to the main.

Your existing electrical meters will need to be handed to the power authority before new ones can be issued.

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